Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rwanda : Technical Training, Immense Benefits To Demobilized Soldiers

Reserve forces in Ngororero district have expressed gratitude to Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration commission for the skills training that helps them to live a decent life.
Welding is among the skills ex soldiers have learned Rwanda : Technical Training, immense benefits to Demobilized soldiers
Welding is among the skills ex soldiers have learned
This comes before the preparations to start training on different skills sponsored by Rwanda Demobilization and Reintegration commission.
Michel Bisengimana, an entrepreneur who works with RDRC in training reserve forces and owns a technical school in electricity, mechanics, welding, building and plumbing in Kabaya sector, revealed that his students get jobs in different parts of Rwanda after training.
Bisengimana explains that depending on the programs students choose, some programs last for four months while others last for a year and extra 3 months of practical training.
Although some reserve forces meet the challenge of technical schools being very far from their homes, they are thankful to the commission for their continued financial support which makes them feel useful to the nation.
 In this year 2012, up to 50 demobilized soldiers have completed courses in different fields and others are registering for the September 2012 in take.
Tuition for all programs is Rwf132200 from the beginning until you complete the course.


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