Saturday, 11 August 2012

Rwanda | KARONGI: Residents Participate In Government Programs

m KARONGI Residents 300x168 Rwanda | KARONGI: Residents participate in government programs
Some of the beneficiaries rejoicing after World Vision donated cows to them
 Mutuntu sector has less development activities due to its remoteness but  residents have recently started embracing and implement government programs as seen in 2011-2012 performance contracts.
On August 8th 2012, when seven cells making Mutuntu sector showcased their achievements to Karongi district leadership, Jean Baptiste Bikorimana who represented the karongi mayor commended the cells for participating in cultivation, animal farming, creativity, health, education and others.
“Gathering residents to showcase their achievements helps to change their mindset because they learn from each other and know what can bring development to their area. Land consolidation program also yielded.”
Jean Baptiste Bikorimana adds it is amazing how residents organize study tours and implement what they learn through their cooperatives.
Gaspard Ntakirutimana, executive secretary of Mutuntu sector stresses the sector administration owes the success to the residents who understand and participate in the implementation of government programs.
The event to showcase the achievements was closed by donating 10 modern cows by world vision, 46 goats, and 60 rabbits, residents that gave each other livestock, African printed fabrics (ibitenge) and mattresses.
Though not a competition, Ntakirutimana ranked Kinyonjwe cell as the first because it showcased a lot of achievements in different areas like cultivation, animal farming and construction.


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