Friday, 24 August 2012

Rwanda : 16 Cell Offices To Be Built In Nyaruguru District By The End Of 2012

NyaruguruDist Rwanda : 16 cell offices to be built in Nyaruguru district by the end of 2012
In a one-day meeting held in Nyaruguru district conference hall on Wednesday, close to 100 district officials have renewed their commitment to building 16 cell offices by the end of this year of 2012 as part of a much wider plan to increase the district infrastructure facilities.

Cell offices are expected to be put up in 10 of Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors, which are Busanze, Cyahinda, Kivu, Kibeho, Muganza, Munini, Ngera, Nyabimata, Ruramba and Rusenge sectors. And the cell offices to be built are Runyombi in Busanze, Cyahinda (cell office) in Cyahinda (sector), Kibeho (cell office) in Kibeho (sector), Rukore, Muganza, Uwacyiza and Samiyonga in Muganza, Ngarurira and Ngeri in Munini, Bitare in Ngera, Kabere, Nyabimata and Ruhinga in Nyabimata, Rugogwe in Ruramba, Cyuna in Rusenge and Kimina in Kivu sector.
The Southern Province’s Nyaruguru district has got a total of 72 cells, 56 of which with already brand new cell offices.
The 16 supplement cell offices, which have so far been operating in rental facilities, will see Nyaruguru in possession of a total of 72 cell offices matching its 72 cells.
“We vow that by December 31, every cell [in Nyaruguru] will be having its cell office”, Raphael Uwimana − a district officer in charge of good governance − told the gathering, as a carbon copy reminder of what cell leaders had agreed earlier during a May two-week retreat of cell leaders across the Southern Province, held at Nkumba in Burera district, Northern Province.
And Fabien Niyitegeka, Nyaruguru district Deputy Mayor in charge of Finance, Economy and Development went an extra mile to emphasize the call.
“It would sound shameful if we [Nyaruguru officials] failed to implement the very idea we pioneered”, said Niyitegeka, stressing that their “idea” has now been turned into a national policy, with cells across the country – those without their own cell offices yet – having to follow suit.
But some in the audience already think they won’t go as far as being ashamed as a result of missing their self-imposed deadline.
“It’s going to be feasible because we have already started building the foundation for our cell office”, said Innocent Ntigura, executive secretary of Kabere cell in Nyabimata sector.
It’s still unclear how much the construction will have cost by the completion of cell offices. What’s now clear though is that the population efforts will play a big role in the construction process and the district top leadership will be left with providing cement and roofing materials.
The new cell offices are set to be “fully operational by March 2013”.
People in the meeting attendance included executive secretaries for Nyaruguru’s 14 sectors and the ones for its 72 cells, plus the district top leadership.


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