Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rwanda : Rwandans Urged To Cooperate As The 4th National Census Kicks-Off

The 4th National Census kicks off this Thursday Rwanda : Rwandans urged to cooperate as the 4th National Census kicks off
The 4th National Census kicks-off this Thursday
The National Institute of Statistics has called on all Rwandans to fully cooperate with the census clerks as the national census exercise kicks-off this Thursday.
The Population and Housing Census which is forth of its kind to be carried out in Rwanda aims at updating all population statistics provided in the previous census for proper planning. It will also determine the size of the population and the number of households.
The first was conducted in 1978. This census comes to update the last one which was conducted in 2002.
The last one put the country’s population at 8,128,553. But population projections estimated the current population to be 11,033,141 in 2012.
The national institute of statistics therefore urges the public to give accurate information to the clerks and create time to answer questions.
The night of August 15, 2012 was set as the census night and citizens are urged to remember all the information of what happened in their homes on that night including the visitors who spent the night there.
NISR has recruited 24,426 officials, including computer experts, statisticians, specialists and trainers manage the survey whose final results will be published in 2014.
The survey comes as a fulfillment of a requirement by the United Nations which requires that a national census be carried out at least every ten years.
Different from the last three censuses, this time, the new Global Positioning System (GPS) based data capturing technology has been used in mapping the Enumeration Areas (EA) in the preparatory stages of the census.
The mapping work was accomplished by the NISR cartographers who captured the GPS coordinates in the field but also plotted the maps. These maps in hard copy are now ready for use as a guiding tool by the enumerators.


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