Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rwanda | Nyamagabe: 4th National General Census At Door, Rwandans Prepare To Participate

With Only hours remaining to the 4th national census, Nyamagabe District Administration is sensitizing people to participate in this census to make it successful.
Philbert Mugisha Rwanda | Nyamagabe: 4th national general census at door, Rwandans prepare to participate
The census will start on the 16th up to 30th.Aug.2012 and it will be done in all parts of Rwanda. This census is meant to know the exact number of Rwandan population to enable implementation of economic change and health of Rwandans in general.
On the 13th.Aug.2012, Philbert Mugisha the mayor of Nyamagabe district had dialogue with the residents of Musebeya sector and asked them to help census implementers by giving the right information on the questions they will be answered.
Philbert Mugisha was in company of other leaders from the district and executive secretary from all sectors’ in Nyamagabe district.
Seraphine Nyirambanza a resident in Nyarurambi cell in Musebeya sector said that they are prepared for this census and know what they are expected it to make it successful.
This census is for the 4th time after the one in 1978, 1992 and 2002. The census done in 2002 showed that Rwanda population was 8 million now it is expected to be 11 millions.


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