Saturday, 18 August 2012

Rwanda : Kisaro Residents Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

NyagatareDist Rwanda : Kisaro residents take matters into their own hands
Residents of Kisaro village, Mukama sector in Nyagatare had been subjected to years of unhygienic existence due to a lack of a clean water supply system. Forced to fetch water from muddy streams, nearby swamps and other insanitary water sources, diseases followed suit, making life thoroughly miserable. Eventually, enough was enough for them.

To make matters worse, even the dirty, bacteria-infested water they were forced to depend on was sourced far from the village. Those willing to pay the price for clean water had to travel to neighboring Kagina sector, which is between 4 and 5 kilometers away.
They took matters into their own hands, but in a good way. Organizing a fundraiser among themselves and other well-wishers, they raised 4 million Rwandan Francs, enough to bring a stable, clean water source to their village.
By bringing the EWSA-sourced potable water closer, the residents kill two birds with the same stone: no more walking long distances to fetch water, and the price per jerry can will be halved from the Rwf 40 they were paying to just Rwf 20, as was revealed by a jubilant local resident, Rukeribuga Celestin.
This initiative was widely applauded in the area, most notably by the Executive Secretary of Gishororo sector Mukanyirigira Daria, who exclaimed that it was better to govern residents who were rich in ideas rather than money, since “big ideas, initiative and solidarity will always take you a long way.”
Residents of the neighboring Kagina sector also hailed the project, pledging their support in digging the trenches needed to bring clean water to the area.


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