Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rwanda | Kayonza: Parents Obliged To Nurture Children’s Leadership Skills

The Kayonza district vice mayor for social affairs Anita Mutesi asked parents in this district to make children love leadership and raise them with good leadership skills that will be vital in them being future leaders of Rwanda.
m Kayonza Parents obliged to nurture Children’s leadership skills Rwanda | Kayonza: Parents obliged to nurture Children’s leadership skills
She said this only a few days to the elections of children representatives in the National Children’s conference that will be on the 11th.Aug.2012.
While in the meeting with parents in Rukara in Kayonza district, she said that it would be wonderful if the leader of children’s conference would come from their district and she went on to say that the most important is making children learn that they are capable and to develop their confidence and being supported in their elections.
She also said that children attending the conference are a time to give them a chance to interact and share ideas and to grow up with courage and need to become Rwanda’s future leaders.
Some of the parents announced that they are ready to support their children through these elections and in Kayonza district, these elections will start on cell levels and those who will be elected will go to the sector, to the district and until they get those to represent them on a national level in this children conference. 


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