Friday, 17 August 2012

Rwanda : FPR Inkotanyi Introduces Development Programme In Kayonya

Rwandan leading political Party ‘FPR Inkotanyi’ in Kayonza district has initiated a program called “Gira inshuti munyakayonza” literally meaning “Make a Friend people of Kayonza” while preparing for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the party.
Anitha Mutesi Vice Mayor for social Affairs in Kayonza Rwanda : FPR Inkotanyi introduces development Programme in Kayonya
Anitha Mutesi, Vice Mayor for social Affairs in Kayonza
In this program, local people who are in the 1st and 2nd classes in social classification of Ubudehe that are very poor than others and be helped to get friends that will help promote them but especially in ideas.
Anitha Mutesi the vice mayor for social affairs in Kayonza district who is also the vice chairperson of FPR Inkotanyi political party in the district said that this program will make people in these social classes develop hope of having a better a future.
Mutesi went on to say that having a friend does not mean that the friend will do for the poor person everything he wants and that what is needed mostly is to develop the ideal capacity of this person by meeting often, talking and sharing ideas to find out what can be of more importance to develop him/her.
This program does not only include FPR Inkotanyi members but all people in Kayonza and it will go on even after the 25th anniversary celebration.


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