Friday, 10 August 2012

Rwanda : Top Politicians To Enjoy Benefits Under The Passed Draft Bill

rwanda map1 Rwanda : Top politicians to enjoy benefits under the  passed draft bill
Government is closer to implementing the new salary policy for politicians to have allowances according to four categories.
 This as the Chamber of Deputies finally passed a bill determining allowances and benefits for top politicians with amendments.
Senior political leaders are put in four categories on the basis of the weight of their offices; the first category comprises the Head of State.
The second category comprises of president of senate and chamber of deputies plus prime minister, third category  Ministers, the Vice Presidents of the Senate, the Deputy Speakers, State Ministers, and for the first time, Governors of Provinces and the Mayor of the City of Kigali. The fourth category comprises Senators and Deputies.
On a separate note, members of the senate adopt a bill that is to transform and regulate their daily activities.
The senate vice president Makuza Bernard, the changes aims at on improving how they conduct their duties.
The legislators have now gone for a one month recess before they resume their duties.


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