Friday, 10 August 2012

Rwanda | Ngororero: Hindiro Sector To Promote Trade And Tourism

Lack of important projects or trades due to lack of hotels and most of the people in Ngororero District make people shift to Kigali or Bukavu cities for business, a problem that Hindiro sector in the area is determined to solve.
The sector is one of the very poor areas in Ngororero district but leaders are enthusiastic that with what they have achieved in a very short period, they hope to develop trade and tourism very soon and that is their objective said Maurice Habamenshi the executive secretary of this sector on the 7th.Aug.2012.

Ngororero Hindiro sector to promote trade and tourism Rwanda | Ngororero: Hindiro sector to promote trade and tourism
One of the villages in Hindiro sector
Maurice went on to say that touristic attractions are very many in this sector like sight viewing mountains, Rugendabari caves and others.  Apart from touristic attractions, this sector has many other things that people can learn from them like encouraging farming of cows and rabbits in schools, sanitation and hygiene among its people and many other things.
Hindiro sector is resided by 23.169 people in 6 cells of which 5 cells among them have electricity and clean water well distributed a thing that is not common in other sectors and they are planning on increasing these services to this sector’s people.
The only limitation of this sector is lack of hotels and lodges where tourists, sponsors and partners to stay in but the sector‘s administration is set to solve this problem in its program of improving people’s social welfare.


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