Saturday, 25 August 2012

Rwanda : Carnegie Mellon University Officially Launches In Rwanda

m Carnegie Mellon University officially launches in Rwanda Rwanda : Carnegie Mellon University officially launches in Rwanda
CMU-R Director Bruce H Krogh
The US based Carnegie Mellon University officially launched its Rwandan campus on Friday August 24 where they will be offering a Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT).
The programme according to the CMU-R Director Bruce H Krogh is a multidisciplinary curriculum that strikes a fine balance between technology, business, and innovation, which prepares the next generation of IT leaders in East Africa.
CMU is the first top ranked U.S. research institution to offer graduate degrees in Africa with an in-country presence and resident faculty.
The campus which is currently operating from Telecom House opened its lectures with twenty-Five students two of whom are from Kenya and Uganda.
Speaking at the launch, Krogh said that CMU-R is introducing new models of education, research and development, and the commercialization of information and communications technology (ICT) in a region booming with opportunities.
“We got interest in Africa and especially in Rwanda because it is a place where things have begun to happen in a big way. There is potential in Africa,” said Krogh.
In his remarks, the Minister of Education Dr. Vincent Biruta showed optimism in the CMU-R programme and said that the government of Rwanda in partnering with CMU, it expected to have the next generation of world class graduates who will push forward Rwanda’s vision of becoming an ICT hub.
On behalf of the students, Kevin Rudahinduka thanked the government of Rwanda for the giving them the opportunity to study the programme.
He said that expectations from them are high, but they would work hard to be the catalysts of change in Africa.
Rwanda has agreed to pay 50% scholarships as tuition fees at Carnegie Mellon University –Rwanda for all East African students who get admitted to the university..
The annual tuition fee is US$ 38,900 and the scholarships will cover half of that. Scholarships are available for both the Master’s program and professional development courses.
The university currently plans to construct a permanent facility. The $13 million funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB).
CMU-R permanent campus is set to be constructed at the Kigali Free Trade Zone, Nyandungu Sector, Gasabo District.
According to CMU-R officials, the project is estimated to take two to three years.


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