Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rwanda : Human rights group ‘Turikumwe’ visits Rwanda

Human rights group ‘Turikumwe’ visits Rwanda
A group of 17 youth delegates from US and Canada and Rwanda who are part of ‘Turikumwe’ Human Rights Delegation visited Rwanda’s Ministry of Gender and family Promotion (MIGEPROF) on, August 17th 2012.
Turikumwe is a program implemented by INARA Legal Aid Services and Global Youth Connect. It is a community learning program that brings together youth to learn more about the promotion and protection of human rights as a tool to prevent conflict.
The delegation was received at MIGEPROF by Emmanuel Nzaramba, Director of Family Promotion on behalf of the Permanent Secretary MIGEPROF. Nzaramba explained the role of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in promoting the rights of women, children and families in Rwanda. He went on to detail the laws and policies in place to promote rights of women and families in Rwanda.
He emphasized that Rwanda is now under the rule of law and explained that the present Constitution was amended to deal with previous discriminatory practices and abuse of human rights. He enumerated the best practices that have contributed to the promotion of human rights such as the Gender desks, community policing, anti gender based violence committees and the campaigns against sexual violence against women to mention but a few.
The presentation was followed by a Question and Answer session in which the youth asked a number of questions on strategies and laws concerning family planning, abortion, gender based violence and the integration of orphans into families. Nzaramba assured the youth that everything possible was being done to ensure that the rights of women and children are protected.


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