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Rwanda : Kagame Warns Of Tough Action Against Exiles Causing Insecurity

Kagame warns of tough action Rwanda : Kagame warns of tough action against exiles causing insecurity
During the 2010 presidential polls campaign, President Kagame got by-far the biggest crowd in Gicumbi district, estimated at the time to have been more than 180,000 supporters.
President Kagame warned on Monday that government would deal decisively with any elements that will try to destabilize any part of the country – on a visit to Gicumbi district, in Northern Province.
“All appropriate means will be used including force,” said the President specifically mentioning Rwandans outside the country. He did not name any names, but it was clear he was referring to Rwandan exiles.
“Those who may intend to destroy what we have achieved should know that we will not accept this,” said Kagame at a ground in Mukarange sector. “When you build something, you have to ensure it lasts, and guard it against destruction.”
Gicumbi district has distinguished itself a hotbed for President Kagame’s support. During campaigns for the 2010 presidential polls, President Kagame pulled by far the largest crowd – estimated at the time to have been more than 180,000. The hills around the campaign grounds were all filled with chanting supporters.
In Northern Province, the President has visited very often. For Gicumbi district, President Kagame was last there in June last year. Returning there today, the Head of State toured income generating activities of a one Gervais Uzabakiriho who has development from a single cow given to him under the One-Cow-per Poor family program, into one of the imminent individuals in the district.
Poverty must be down to zero
Addressing thousands at Mukarange sector grounds, President Kagame said everybody could work their way up the income ladder – if they did not waste time on consuming banned substances like “Kanyanga”. Much of the banned alcoholic drinks come into Gicumbi from across the border in Uganda.
“Every one of you has what it takes to get where they want. If we all work together, we can even go beyond our expectations,” said the President, adding that the 49 percent still poor was unacceptable. He said neither 30% nor 20 % was acceptable.
“We should all work hard and eradicate, not reduce poverty. You all know this is possible if we work together.”
Symbol for national liberation
Earlier, the Mayor of Gicumbi told the President that they were faced with a serious challenge of infrastructure and electricity – outlining major roads which needed construction or repairs. In response, Local Government Minister, James Musoni, said the President had agreed with the requests and work would start immediately.
Gicumbi district, specifically Mukarange sector, is no stranger to President Kagame’s presence. During the liberation struggle between 1990-1994, the Rwanda Patriotic Front/Army had a large contingent of its force operating in the many hills dotting the area. Some of the fiercest battles were fought in that area – which became a major launch pad for RPF’s advance to Kigali.
Perhaps it was the reason why private individuals today presented President Kagame with a gift symbolizing national liberation and protection. It was designed for him. They told the President that the people of that area were proud to have been part of the struggle to liberate Rwanda, asking him to return any time.
From nothing to 7,000 chicken
For his part, President Kagame informed Gicumbi residents that he will be visiting regularly for discussions on progress and what will be missing.
During the usual question and answer session, a woman narrated how she had grown from nothing to currently owning more than 7,000-chicken business and other money-making projects. She said her successes had brought her a house, vehicle and all her children were attending good schools.
Responding to a query about a wheat factory that has been in that area for years, but was not using up the wheat produced there, President Kagame directed the Ministry of Agriculture to provide a solution as a matter of urgency. On a contractor who employed dozens of people, but left without paying them, the President called for seizure of his cash left with the district to pay the affected workers as well as find him wherever he could be.
The Northern Province is home to some of the biggest national structures. It is home to the first cancer centre in this region of Africa. The centre is housed in the state-of-the-art Butare Hospital – managed through collaboration between Partners in Health and government.
The north is also home to the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College in Nyakinama, as well as the National Police Academy. The northern part of Rwanda is also a major source of food for the country due to its climate. The province is also said to be the most populated, and specifically, Gicumbi is actually the most populated district.
Kagame warns of tough action 2 Rwanda : Kagame warns of tough action against exiles causing insecurity


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