Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rwanda : Insecurity Issues Should Be Reported- Rwandans Told

m Insecurity issues should be reported Rwandans told Rwanda : Insecurity issues should be reported  Rwandans told
L. Colonel Muvunyi

 Nyamasheke District residents have been reminded of insecurity effects, that they must report any suspicious activity; according to Mayor Jean Baptist Habyarimana during the general security meeting in Rangiro sector on 1st August2012
The security meeting saw the turn up of residents of Rangiro that discussed on various problems in this place among which were drug abuse, false information, environmental degradation and many others.
On behalf of the Nyamasheke District Police Officer, Theoneste Murangwa in charge of Kanjongo Police station asked residents to cooperate with leaders to sensitizing drug users in order to eradicate it.
Police Officer criticised those who cover up for criminals to keep their friendship and said only truth and working in truth builds the country.
Similarly, Lieutenant colonel Muvunyi who had attended the meeting called upon residents to work with Defence forces and Police and keep security through night patrols and information sharing.
Also, he asked them to stop burning hills, protect forests so as to avoid deforestation.
On the rumours that Rwanda forces are supporting Congo, the district mayor asserts: “People who say such know better Rwanda is not part of the war in Congo. That’s why we have to join efforts and develop and let them speak.”
Lieutenant colonel Muvunyi encouraged residents to embrace government programs like preparing cultivation season, fighting soil erosion, village settlement program and medical insurance program. 


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