Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rwanda : 47 Vulnerable Individuals Benefit From Catholic Diocese

Flag map of Rwanda.svg  Rwanda : 47 vulnerable individuals benefit from catholic diocese
Good deeds can indeed hail from bad ones. 47 vulnerable individuals were on the receiving end of a donation of rice and clothes that were originally seized for tax evasion.
The goods, seized by Police in Runda, were donated to the church by Runda local authorities after the owners failed to pay fines and collect. A total of 225 Kilograms of rice, and various clothing items were donated, some coming as leftovers from Easter Holiday donations.
The donations were coordinated by Ruyenzi Centre’s Caritas, in Runda village, Kamonyi District. A total of 47 impoverished people received clothing and 4Kgs of Rice each.
Following a census of the most vulnerable and impoverished persons in the District, the Gihara Diocese identified the most needy of the group, and proceeded to make donations to them as part of a month-long initiative dubbed ‘love and kindness month.’
The head of the Caritas in Ruyenzi, Nkurikiyumukiza Gaspard urged all organizations and individuals interested in lending a helping hand to contact the parish, as over 80 persons have been found to be living in extreme poverty. The church also during the Easter celebrations helped – regardless of religious affiliation – up to 70 people, and is set to pay health coverage fees ‘Mutuelle de Sante’ for 10 others.


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