Saturday, 4 August 2012

Rwanda : Congo Conflict Has Not Affected Rwanda Tourism Sector – RDB

m Congo conflict has not affected Rwanda tourism sector – RDB Rwanda : Congo conflict has not affected Rwanda tourism sector – RDB
Mountain Gorillas: They are the top tourist attraction in the country
The Rwanda Development Board tourism department has denied rumours going around that the conflicts going on in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has affected the coming of tourist in the country.
According to the Head of Tourism and Conservation at RDB, Rica Rwigamba, the sector has instead increased revenues up to 11 per cent.
The sector has so far raised US$128.3m compared to US$115.6m generated in the period from January to June last year.
RDB says that Mountain Gorillas contributed the most income with most tourists in the country booking to see the rare species that live in the Virunga Mountains.
Rwanda shares the Virunga with the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda; however, the safety in Rwanda has not only ensured safety of Gorillas but helped the constant flow of tourists.
Last year, gorillas generated $9.6 million which was part of the $252 million revenues generated from the tourism industry.
Rwigamba says that tourism progress is attributed to peace and security. Visitor safety is guaranteed as usual. She assured visitors to Rwanda that it is safe and secure to travel to Rwanda.
According to RDB statistics, so far since the year began, the country has hosted about 493,744 visitors representing an increase of 22 per cent compared to the same period in 2011. It recorded a remarkable 16 per cent increase in leisure visitors as well as an eight per cent increase in business visitors.
Regarding investment promotion, the tourism sector has so far registered projects worth $ 184.1m since January 2012. The projects are expected to create 1,328 jobs.


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