Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rwanda | Nyamasheke: FPR Celebrates 25 Years Of Existence

Nyamasheke district1 Rwanda | Nyamasheke: FPR celebrates 25 years of existence
Celebration is the time to review where Rwanda has come from, where it is now and where it is going, Honorable Esperance Mwiza, chairperson of the social affairs committee in the parliament told FPR members.
The statement was made on August 11th 2012 in Nyamasheke District during the event to celebrate FPR-Inkotanyi 25 years of existence.
During the event, Hon Esperance Mwiza asserted: “it’s not a day to be happy only but to reflect back and see if FPR has achieved its aims.”
The Member of Parliament told the members of FPR-Inkotanyi who had turned up for celebrations that they have taken a good step and they should aim higher by managing well what they have already.
Hon. Mwiza asked the members to work very hard and implement diginity the president of Rwanda H.E Paul Kagame asks them to have.
FPR-Inkotanyi in Nyamasheke district have achieved a lot according to their purpose for example stopping 1994 Tutsi genocide, reconciling Rwandans, bringing justice and sensitizing residents to create jobs and develop their country, explains Josué Michel Ntaganira, vice chairman of FPR-Inkotanyi Nyamasheke district.
FPR vulnerable members were given livestock, mattresses as a way of fighting bed Nyakatsi and also male and female football teams were rewarded.
95, 6 percent of residents in Nyamasheke belong to FPR-Inkotanyi.


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