Friday, 17 August 2012

Rwanda : Kagame Participates In Population And Housing Census

Kagame participates in population Rwanda : Kagame participates in population and housing census
The first family was one of the million families in Rwanda that took part in the 2012 national population and housing census that kicked off countrywide, on 16 August 2012
The enumeration of the Kagame family exercise took place at his residence in heart of Kigali city and was conducted by the Director General of Institute of National Statistics Yussuf Murangwa, while other activities were also carried out country.
The census exercise will end on August 30 aims. This year’s Census is established by the Presidential Decree No. 02/01 of 28/02/2011 organizing the 4th General Population and Housing Census.
This is the 4th national general population and housing census, to establish the rate of population growth and improve knowledge on the social, demographic and economic characteristics of the population of Rwanda.
Murangwa explained that the census allows for evidence based planning and programming and it is one of the main statistical tools worldwide.
The census is conducted every ten years to holistically assess the well-being of Rwanda’s population. Based on its outcome, programs are set to address issues that have become evident and that impact the living condition of the people,” Mr. Murangwa said
This census will cover a wide range of issues from population age to education at all levels, health insurance, residential arrangements, permanent or temporary, people living with disability, maternal mortality, fertility rate, employment, household living condition and access to water, urbanization.
The preliminary results will be available by December 2012 and the comprehensive report is expected by December 2013.
The previous census took place in 2002 and population of about 8,128,553 was recorded, while in 1992 it was 7,148,496 in 1992 compared to 4,831,527 in 1978. The National Institute of Statistics population projections put the current population around 11,033,141.
According to the National Census project coordinator, Prosper Mutijima, the activity is expected to take a budget of Rwf16.5billion Rwandan francs and half of that money is budgeted for the trainings and stipends for over 24.500 enumerators.
“There are many jobs to be provided during this period, because there is a lot of work that will be done during the census exercise and surely the payment is very good” said Mutijima on a phone interview.
Mutijima said that the census exercise will take also provide temporary jobs and pay off some other people- such as police, prisons and army officers- (categories in the special groups) who will be supervising the activity, and also team leaders at the zone, district and provincial levels will also earn about 150.000rwandan francs and above.
Mutijima said that the project has so far made tremendous advancements in terms of training census numerators, preparing a profound questionnaire, mapping of the census programme at the village level, and the next step will be mobilization and sensitization of Rwandans, and lastly numbering all households ahead of the census exercise.
“All is set for the census exercise. We urge all Rwandans and people living in the country to participate in the census, and be able to give the correct information to the enumerators, so that all goes well” Mutijima said.
Some of the expected outcomes and information database of the 2012 national census include: general demographics, education, disability, employment, migration (immigration and emigration), urbanization, gender & youths, environment, ICT access, water & sanitation, Health insurance, Housing, energy use, and locations among many others.
The census process will take two weeks, but the complete project (which started two years ago) will take at least five years- which include data entry, analysis among others.


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