Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rwanda : New Mechanisms For Water Shortages In Kigali

New mechanisms for water shortages in Kigali Rwanda : New mechanisms for water shortages in Kigali
After residents of Kigali facing problems of insufficient water supply, often during the months of June, July August, September and October, the Energy Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA) has established mechanisms to avoid further water shortages during the dry season.
According to James Sano, Deputy Director General in charge of Water at EWSA, there is now an stablished mechanisms to prevent that problem key solutions in place include repairing and replacing old pipes and increasing water production.
“As a short term strategy, currently works are going on in Rugunga, Rukiri, Gatenga, Kacyiru and Nyamirambo to repair and replace destroyed pipes. We are also increasing water production at Nzove Water Treatment Plant which has the potential to add 10,000m3/day utility”. Mr Sano said.
Mr Sano said that while water demand in Kigali and parts of Rwamagana is 80,000m3 each day, he said the current production is 62,000m3. Mr Sano said EWSA is working on key solutions for this shortfall.
“We are working with partners to develop a 40,000m3/day project. This will solve short to long term water shortage problems. The water need assessment has indicated that this volume will supply to Kigali residents adequately up to 2019. Work on this project will start in August 2012”.
Other longer term projects include the extension of the water supply network and implementation of Mutobo Project capable of supplying 100,000m3/day. This will supply Kigali and its surrounding secondary cities of Muhanga and Nyamata. 


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