Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Rwanda : Handicapped persons to get empowered

Persons with disabilities will receive training in entrepreneurship as a way of increasing their capacity and ability to compete effectively in the economy, says the Executive Secretary of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), Emmanuel Ndayisaba.
Emmanuel Ndayisaba, said that the initiative would also provide an added growth of Persons living with Disabilities (PLWDs) in their activities and to effectively implement their projects.
Ndayisaba said that according to findings, it has been realized that some of the PLWHA  need some skills related to project implementation if they are to properly utilise funds districts channel to them for development projects in their respective areas.
He made the remarks on August 17, during a meeting held in Kigali that attracted representatives of people with disabilities at the district, province as well as employees of the NCPD.
The council and other participants had met to check on the progress and performance of PLWD`s in terms of development activities in their areas as well as set an agenda for 2012-2013.
Each fiscal year, districts are meant to allocate a given fund from their budget to boost or empower people with disabilities to initiate certain projects.
This aims at enabling them to fight poverty, encourage hard work so as to improve their living conditions as well as contribute to national development.
Among other factors, he noted that this might be the form of disability one has. He explained this as the reason the government is formulating measures to identify the number of people living with disabilities.
The NCPD is set to hold a national wide exercise to identify and categorize people with disabilities to enable government to set other appropriate support programmes.


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