Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rwanda | RUSIZI: FPR Members Told Not To Be Disturbed By What Is Happening In DRC

 FPR members told not to be Rwanda | RUSIZI: FPR members told not to be disturbed by what is happening in DRC
The ruling political party of Rwanda FPR Inkotanyi confirms that Rwanda has no role in the war that is happening in the Northern Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Party members and Rwandans in general should focus on other Development activities.
This was said on the 4th.August.2012 by the team that follows up on the actions of FPR Inkotanyi on the National level while visiting Rusizi district in the FPR Inkotanyi members’ general meeting.
 In the discussions in this meeting that was attended by many people and Members of Parliament who are in FPR political party, they were asked not to worry because of the news based on lies that they hear about the war in the DRC instead they should work courageously and to keep their own security.
 Honorable Faustin Munyakabera said that Rwanda has nothing to do with what is happening in DRC and that people who say so intend to destroy Rwandans and asked people not to value it and instead they should work hard and strengthen their country.
Discussions were given and people shared ideas on how they can build and strengthen their country. Oscar Nzeyimana the mayor and FPR chairperson in Rusizi district said that it is more valuable to love one’s country and working hard to develop it and to protect it from those who would like to destroy it and strip away its security.
Oscar Nzeyimana also addressed the problem of lack of employment among the youth where he said that this will be solved by increasing the money in the district budget allocated to youth activities.
Concerning the 25th anniversary that will be celebrated by the end of this year 2012, residents of Rusizi district said that they are very prepared for the celebrations and everything will go just as planned.


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