Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Who do you think you are Bull –ying? Rapper Bulldog given stern warning

m_Rapper Bulldog given stern warning

Bulldog has been told to be careful over his utterances after his showdown at the first elimination round of Primus Guma Guma Super Star on Saturday night. The rapper was furious after he was unable to advance to the next round following his premature exit from the competition, and that prompted him to air his views regarding the reality TV show. He said, “I have no idea if there are other criteria that were used in selecting these five, but it is evident that there’s great injustice.”

And responding to Bulldog’s claims, East African Promoters and Bralirwa, the main organizers of PGGSS, said that they were bamboozled and greatly shocked by the rapper’s utterances adding that in any competition “there are losers and winners”. Apart from Bulldog, Senderi also took to the microphone to declare that “it’s only in music industry where injustice is still rampant”.

But in what seems like a counter move by EAP and Bralirwa, such wide-of-the-mark statements could in future call for an immediate action. An insider has revealed that organizers are planning to bar such contestants from ever taking part in the competition as they can tarnish its image. The insider continued to reveal that organizers pointed fingers at Bulldog saying it was not the first time he had made such statements after being eliminated.


Who do you think you are Bull –ying? Rapper Bulldog given stern warning


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