Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Bulldog: There’s a conspiracy to slowly eliminate Tuff Gangs

There’s a conspiracy to slowly eliminate Tuff Gangs

Bulldog performs at Serena Hotel on Saturday 27th July 2013, prior to his elimination in PGGSS

Rapper Bulldog has claimed there is an “elaborate” plan to slowly kill off Tuff Gangs, a singing crew that incorporates him, Jay Polly and Fireman. Bulldog saw his hopes of scooping the top prize at Primus Guma Guma Super Star dashed after he became one of the casualties that were kicked out in the first round. He was to be followed by Fireman, and according to him that gives enough reason to argue that the media is out to eliminate Tuff Gangs. Coupled with the fact that Jay Polly did not even feature among the eleven nominees, Bulldog fears that there might be a malicious intent to get rid of them altogether.

He said, “When we started this competition, we were told the guidelines that would be followed including popularity, talent and entertaining the fans. If there are other guidelines that were later introduced, then I have no idea. There clearly is a plan to eliminate us from the limelight but it clearly won’t work.”

The veteran rapper also wondered why the like of Christopher did not advance past the first round saying, “It was clear that he (Christopher) had done well. If it was about how well we performed, then he would have been there. This is confusing.”

However, with rumors doing their rounds that Tuff Gangs would boycott future similar shows, Bulldog refused to comment on the issue, only thanking his fans and all those who voted for him.


Bulldog: There’s a conspiracy to slowly eliminate Tuff Gangs


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