Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Radio Rwanda operating in Rutsiro and Karongi districts, a good move

Rutsiro and Karongi districts are grateful with the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency for bringing Radio Rwanda down to the two districts for the 4 days period.

The districts argue that this period is enough for them to show off their achievements and to better the working relationship between local and their leaders.


 On this Sunday the 21st.July 2013, it is when Radio Rwanda started broadcasting special programs based on Rutsiro and Karongi districts and will end on the 25th.July 2013.

Gaspard Byukusenge the mayor of Rutsiro district said for Radio Rwanda to be broadcasting based in their district is a good thing and causes excitement among the local people. “Ever since, this is the first time that a Radio Studio broadcasts in our district and it is specifically great because it is the Nation’s radio.”

“Since there are no radio station in the district leave alone television, most of our achievements go unnoticed. This is now our chance to make known of our projects, achievements including historic and touristic sites among others.”


The radio banner in Karongi and Rutsiro district

 Bernard Kayumba the mayor of Karongi district says in the 4 days the radio will be operating in their district, local people and the district’s partners will make known the step they have taken in development. They will also discuss their limitations and strategies to remove the limitations together with their leaders.

The Karongi mayor said, “though we work earnestly, we need a third party to tell us where we went wrong, show us the way and encourage us and I am sure this radio is going to do just that.”

The director of Rwanda Broadcasting Agency Arthur Asiimwe thanked the mayors of the 2 districts for the warm welcomed given the team on Radio Rwanda from RBA. He called upon residents of Rutsiro and Karongi to participate fully in this program by doing presentations with journalists, being honest with interviews among other things.


Radio Rwanda operating in Rutsiro and Karongi districts, a good move


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