Friday, 26 July 2013

Ngororero: prisoners doing charity work in RCS

About 150 men and women in Ngororero District that are doing physical work to rebuild the nation after their participation in the 1994 genocide against Tutsis (TIG) are keenly participating in Rwanda Correctional Service program.

With the beginning of the RCS week, the prisoners doing TIG have increased their participation in their work like quarrying stones for road construction, making terraces as well as supporting the vulnerable.

Ngororero prisoners doing charity work in RCS

TIG prisoners laying foundation to Uramutse’s house

 After constructing a home for the poor resident of Rususa cell in Ngororero sector, they are now building a house for Joseph Uramutse the 80 years old man and a poor genocide survivor. Joseph Uramutse who neighbours the TIG camp and has been under the care of these prisoners who feed him, fetch water for him among others.

Jean Pierre Ndahumba who coordinates the operations of TIG in Ngororero district says it is their responsibility to support Joseph Uramutse by providing him with a decent home. “We intend to keep supporting other people in need; our goal is to use the hands and strength that destroyed the country to rebuild it, to be blessed by those that cursed them through acts of love.”

prisoners doing charity work in RCS

The bricks laid in Dancille Nyiransekuye land

A 73 year old Dancille Nyiransekuye and a neighbour that provided land to make bricks to construct Uramutse’s houses says, “we live well near with the TIG people in their camp and especially now that they are doing charity work among the people.”

Apart from doing charity work, the TIG prisoners teach people different technical skills like weaving, tilling, teaching reading and writing among others.

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Ngororero: prisoners doing charity work in RCS


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