Thursday, 25 July 2013

Uncle Austin: I don’t make music for the sake of PGGSS

Uncle Austin

Of late we have seen an array of music videos being released at an extremely alarming rate. Both known and underground musicians have followed that map in order to popularize not only their names, but also their range of products as well. But a closer look at those products will reveal that some, if not the majority, are of poor standards and are half baked. According to experts, the main reason this trend has exponentially grown is due to the thirst and hunger to be nominated in the annual Primus Guma Guma Super Star, a competition that sees the contestants rewarded heavily.


Save for one artist – Uncle Austin. According to the afro beat singer, music is about expression, talent and entertainment. Speaking to, Austin said how disappointed he was to be omitted in season three of Primus Guma Guma Super Star, but said he was optimistic that he would make it next time. He said, “I don’t produce my music just to be nominated in the competition. It’s a passion and I enjoy it.”


The star, who is about to launch his album entitled Uteye Ubusambo, described it as “a shame” for upcoming musicians who only come up with shoddy songs just to be in the realty TV show. Though he refused to point fingers, Austin believes it is one of the reasons for the continual degradation of music standards in the country. “I have to admit it is one of the major reasons why our music standards continue to be low,” he said.

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Uncle Austin: I don’t make music for the sake of PGGSS


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