Saturday, 27 July 2013

Kamonyi on sensitization Program to curb down malaria

Kamonyi district is doing all possible to combat malaria that is now on spread among the local people. In 2012, Kamonyi district has eradicated malaria and remained with 4percent of this deadly disease in the people and starting with January to June 2013, the disease has increased to 37percent.

People being sensitized on malaria

People being sensitized on malaria

On Wednesday the 24th.July 2013, different health officials started sensitization program to curb down this deadly disease among the people in the district. The sensitization program started in Buhoro cell in Musambira sector where Malaria is at large.

Residents of Buhoro cell say this disease is being fueled by the rice plantations in Kayumbu swamps that breed too much mosquitoes and lack of enough mosquito nets in the people and others have old mosquito nets.

Jackson Byiringiro the director of Musambira Health Center says out of 27 patients received in the health center daily, 10 are suffering from malaria. Most of these patients are from Buhoro and Rukambura cells that neighbours Kayumbu swamp.

Dr. Viateur Kalinda the director of Remera Rukoma Hospital says in the district, malaria comes second to respiratory diseases. “We are sensitizing people to prevent malaria, for prevention is always better than cure.”

People are being sensitized to cut off bushes around their homes, cover up pits that contain water, to sleep in mosquito treated nets. People with no mosquito nets or with old mosquito nets are being registered to be distributed with new ones.

Clemence Dusingize who works in Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) says the increase of malaria among the people was not caused by the rice plantation but by people’s lack of preventive measures.

“People let down their guard to prevent malaria after it dropped down. Everyone needs to know what it is they can do to reduce the disease” says Dusingize.

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Kamonyi on sensitization Program to curb down malaria


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