Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kigeme refugees get permanent houses

Kigeme refugees get permanent houses

American refugee committee (ARC) is has embarked on constructing permanent housing structures for Congolese refugees living in Kigeme camp, South of Rwanda; in a bid to improve the welfare and security of the refugees.

The project will benefit over 3369 refugees and the target is to complete all the houses by the end of August. So far over 2400 semi-permanent houses, made locally with the use of mud and dung, have been constructed.

According to Jacques Sindayigaya, the ARC area official, the motive behind this project comes from the desire to have the refugees settled in a permanent way as a way of building peace and security for the refugees.

“Changing the mode of housing is aimed at ensuring the security of the refugees and to make them comfortable in their live. We thought it necessary to build semi permanent houses because the usual canvas tents are very insecure and they pose a threat to the welfare of refugees” Sindayigaya says.

The refuges have welcomed the new developments saying that they have been living in canvas tents provided by UNHCR as temporal shelter to the incoming refugees, most of whom have fled the ongoing clashes between the rebels and DR Congo army in the eastern region.

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Kigeme refugees get permanent houses


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