Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kamichi concedes defeat, decides to soldier on

Kamichi concedes defeat, decides to soldier on

It was joy, jubilation and inevitably tears at Serena Hotel on Saturday as the first five contestants of Primus Guma Guma Super Star were chosen. The five are Urban Boyz, Dream Boyz, Knowless, Riderman and Mico The Best. But it was the way the other six who eliminated took the defeat that shocked most people. Both Senderi and Bulldog described the competition as unfair and unjust.

But fellow defeated candidate Kamichi has called upon the two to accept defeat and move on. Kamichi, who was among the first contingent to be shown the door, took to his Facebook page and said, “We have been fairly defeated, let’s accept it and move on. There is nothing hidden behind our elimination, it’s just that we were not up to it.”

Although most pundits acknowledge that there were a few loopholes here and there, none has been able to justify that there were elements of complacency or corruption whatsoever in picking the five. August tenth will see the last round of the four-month competition, with the winner scooping a staggering twenty six million Rwandan francs.

Kamichi concedes defeat, decides to soldier on


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