Thursday, 25 July 2013

Muhanga women entrepreneurs making it big

Some of the women in Muhanga district in the Southern Province of Rwanda say after deciding to seek financial loans, they have taken steps in development more than their fellow women Rwandans.

 Muhanga women entrepreneurs making it big

These women say they were at first afraid of seeking loans but later gained confidence to do so and they have achieved more than they had dreamt of.

These women include petty traders who moved around with some food stuffs in the basket on their heads always running away from security officers.

Gaudence Muhutukazi a 39 year old woman who makes carpets, bags and handbags in bamboos in Muhanga town says after starting this business, he has introduced it to many people and she has gained more financial stability than before.

She makes a lot of things and sells them on her own and she has a taken a step in economic growth than she expected and gained family stability. “I am still paying off the credit I was given but it is no trouble since it has made me realize much more than I expected” she says.

 Muhanga women entrepreneurs making it big

For Constance Muhayimana (47) who took a loan to expand her tailoring workshop says after getting this loan, she has achieved most of her goals. “I no longer sew clothes only; I also rent out clothes for different occasions especially weddings.”

Frederic Musonera the director of Foundation Margrit Fuchs Fund that gives out loans to women operating in Social Development Bureau in Muhanga district says they give out small loans without interest to promote people.

Frederic Musonera explains the foundation started giving out funds in 2010 among impoverished local people and altogether, about Rwf27 million has been distributed. 76 people are regularly paying back these loans with no huddles.

This foundation gives credit to poor people through sectors’ Savings and Credit Cooperatives to help people get services form financial institutions.

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Muhanga women entrepreneurs making it big


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