Thursday, 25 July 2013

Huye: Parents request for more religious schools

Parents request for more religious schools

Parents from Huye district said that they would love their children to study from schools run by religious leaders since this helps them grow up well behaved and more responsible.

“I believe if the 9 and 12 Year Basic Education was put under religious leaders then this will help improve on education” ,said one Huye parent Frederic Nzeyimana.

“Such people have more time to attend to their work and this helps bring up children in a more organised way”, added on Mukankusi another parent.

The reason why such parents said so was because the 9 and 12YBE is mainly affected at schools and from home hence a need for serious action to be taken on.

“With religious schools, they do not only teacher children in class but also educate them on other things that can help them go through life”, noted Felix Ndizihiwe.

He concluded saying that when children meet in different activities from such schools, some are scared of participate in bad behavior; hence grow up with good ones like others.

This therefore called for religious leaders’ participation in educating children which will help create better citizens of the country.


Huye: Parents request for more religious schools


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