Wednesday, 31 July 2013

KHI staff acquires online lab skills

m_KHI staff acquires online lab skills

Participants at the online lab skills workshop

The KHI Skills-Lab centre organized a workshop for General Nursing and Midwifery staff to boost their online skills in as much as managing new lab equipments is concerned.

During the workshop, participants learnt new online skills in lab booking and the use of Ventriloscope for assessing normal and abnormal heart, lungs and bowel sounds.

They also acquired hands-on-skills to use Mama Natalie Birth Simulator for normal and abnormal delivery procedure demonstration in skills-lab.

The training was facilitated by Kathryne Schaivone from Meryland University, who is working for The Human Resource for Health and currently serving as an advisor for the KHI skills lab.

The webmaster trained the staff about the new online skills-lab booking. Participants got tips on how to book the skills-lab room for any identified group of students for specific procedures on a given date and time.

As was expressed by the KHI skills lab attendants, this online technology is going to facilitate them organize the rooms and prepare in advance equipment needed during the procedures demonstration.

The electronic equipment will facilitate the students’ clinical teaching in skills-lab before they attend the clinical settings.


KHI staff acquires online lab skills


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