Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sweating reduces heart stroke risks


Jogging is the exercise that makes one sweat a lot

 Researchers from University of Alabama in Birmingham city have revealed that sweating reduces the risk of getting a stroke in women and men.

Design & Trend website confirms that exercising is very important in human body because it reduces excess weight gain.

The research was made on 27.000 black and white Americans from 45 years and above without heart diseases.

The research was based on “Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS).

The 27000 people were put into three categories. One category did no exercise in a week, second category exercises 3 times a week and the last category exercises more than 5 times a week. All the categories were watched closely for five years and 7 months.

After the study, researchers found out that 33 percent of the people that exercises a lot had 20 percent chances of not having stroke.

A stroke epidemiologist and head of the research team, Professor Virigina Howard proves that sweating prevents heart diseases and diabetic diseases.

The research findings come after the study released by the American Heart Association journal Stroke.


Sweating reduces heart stroke risks


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