Saturday, 27 July 2013

Huye: Farmers told planning for projects necessary


After planting cassava on about 5hectares of land, agriculturalists’ cooperative found in Kinazi sector, Huye district made a loss which was blamed on them planting cassava on land not suitable for it.

“We carried out the whole process with about Rwf 3million but made a loss of Rwf1m”, said the cooperative chairman Goreti Kayirere.

She added on saying that they found out that the reason they incurred such a big loss was because they planted their crop on soil not suitable for it

“For such laterite soil to produce good cassava one has to give it time of at least a whole year which we never did”, explained Kayirere.

“Another reason that I think contributed to this loss is us using expensive equipment which we never thought we would use”, continued the chairman.

Kayirere said that for a tractor they used, they had to buy fuel every time they used it and this increased their input hence contributed to their loss.

“Again the tractor did not cultivate some parts of land and here we had to employee manual power which still increased on our input”, added on Kayirere.

She added on saying that if they had prepared well their project, then they would not have made such a big loss.

She therefore advised people who may want to start up such big projects to always first think and plan for them.

Amiable Rene Nsengiyumva the district agronomist said that not all land is suitable for cassava and he called on people to always be careful when planting such a crop.

“Cassava grows on soft soil and where earth is deep enough to help it grow longer”, concluded Nsengiyumva.

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Huye: Farmers told planning for projects necessary


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