Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Farmers disrupt preparations of wetland

Due to lack of green pastures to farm their cattle, the farmers of Rwempasha sector in Nyagatare district are farming their cattle in Rwempasha wetlands being prepared for growing rice and maize.

 Farmers disrupt preparations of wetland

The sector’s agronomist says the local authorities are working on procedures to stop the cattle form farming in the wetlands as well as advising farmers to own few animals equivalent to the land they have.

After starting the preparations to Farm the wetlands to accommodate farming of maize and rice, the farmers who had farms in the wetlands failed to get enough space for their cattle and kept farming even when it is prohibited.

Dominic Sibomana the Rwempasha sector agronomist says this problem was created due to large number of cattle that were farmed in this wetland that cannot be satisfied with hilly farms.

“What we are emphasizing is sensitizing farmers to reduce the cattle to meet their land requirements. We are also prohibiting usage of this wetland since a lot of money was used to make it more productive.”

The wetland has about 1700 hectares. It is being prepared to grow maize and rice after the initiation of the government policy to make wetlands and swamps more productive than they already are.

Source: http://www.umuhinzi.com/2013/07/farmers-disrupt-preparations-of-wetland/ 

Farmers disrupt preparations of wetland


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