Sunday, 28 July 2013

Riderman: It’s only Knowless who can beat me

Riderman: It’s only Knowless who can beat me

Rapper Riderman has acknowledged that only songbird Butera Knowless can give him a scare in Primus Guma Guma Super Star. The songbird has been on rampage and campaigning vigorously in order to solicit votes across the country and that has caused her competitors to be wary of her. And Riderman, who has, on several occasions insisted he’s the best candidate to win it, is one of them.

The rapper accepted that Knowless had the better of him regarding stage management in all the ten road shows around the country, but was quick to add that he had the most popularity. He said, “Knowless was the best as far as stage management is concerned, but I had the largest crowds whenever we went.”

Although he failed to show any signs of fear for the female star, Riderman accepted the fact the competition is tough, and that whoever will win it will have to work extra hard.

Riderman: It’s only Knowless who can beat me


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