Saturday, 27 July 2013

Nyabihu: residents enabled to access helpful information

Nyamagabe MAJ ifasha abaturage n’inzego z’ibanze mu birebana n’amategeko

Showing television to the people in public is one of the programs devised by Nyabihu district to promote knowledge among the people to know what is happening around the world and follow on the vision of the country’s development.

 This program is emphasized in the whole country for local people especially those who do not own television sets to watch them in public places and be well updated like all Rwandans.

In Nyabihu district, about 73 televisions have been put in places where local people can access them like in schools, health centers, and sectors’ offices among many places.

“This program will make us aware of the government programs and join in to develop the country” says Jean Paul a resident of Bigogwe sector.

This program ensures that residents learn of different projects done in different districts and work towards the same goals.

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Nyabihu: residents enabled to access helpful information


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