Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gisagara: Women demand for sharing of domestic chores with men

m_Women demand for sharing of domestic chores with men

Rural women want men to help them take care of household chores such as these

Women in Gishubi sector of Gisagara district have condemned their husbands’ reluctanctance to take part in the development of their homes as well as helping in household chores.

Women in the Southern district suggest that men should help out with domestic work where necessary. The call came as the preparations for rural womens day which will be held  October 26, 2013 are in high gear.

“There are a series of tiresome house chores that men claim can never do, making women enslaved to work all day and lack own free time,”Lamented Dative Nyiraneza.

Marie Claire Uwumuremyi, coordinator of the National Council for Women in the Southern Province says that living in rural areas shouldnt mean that women have to be devoted to home chores alone.

“ Many women in rural areas are chained to domestic work which shouldn’t be the case. Women should get time to join associations or credit schemes to be able to develop their families,”  advises Uwumuremyi.

The Rural women’s day is celebrated on October 15th though Rwanda will celebrate it a week later.

Gisagara: Women demand for sharing of domestic chores with men


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