Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dried anchovies best for your side dish

Dried anchovies

Anchovies can add up to the daily protein needed in your body, adding up to the other protein giving food such as beans, groundnuts and meat stuffs mostly used in Rwanda.


Here is how you can make that delicious anchovy dish





>> 100 gram Dried anchovy

>> 2 Brinjal cut and put inside the water

>> 4 Tamarind juice tablespoon

>> Salt To Taste

>> 16 tablespoons of water or adjust quantity of water as preferable

>> 1 medium onion finely chopped (For Seasoning)

>> Garlic 6, mashed (For Seasoning)


>> 1 cup Boiled surti beans (16 tbs)


>> 1 Brinjal, chopped (For Seasoning)


>> 1 teaspoon coriander seeds (dhaniya seeds – For Grinding)

>> 3 teaspoon Coconut (For Grinding)

>> 2 onion (For Grinding)

>> 5 Garlic Clove (25 gm) (For Grinding)


>> 1 Tomato (For Grinding)




In a pan fry dry fish adding 3tsp of oil nicely till raw smell goes.


Then put inside cold water and wash nicely and and keep aside.


In a pan add oil,when it is hot put onion,mashed garlic and fry till golden brown.


Then add boiled surti beans, brinjal, water little and allow them brinjal to cook.


When they are cooked add grinded masala, salt and fry till raw smell goes and bubbles to come.


Then add tamarind Juice, dry fish and cook for 5mins, finally when bubbles comes.


Take it out and serve with rice


Dried anchovies best for your side dish


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