Friday, 25 October 2013

EAC legislators want Swahili to be official regional language

EAC legislators want Swahili to be official regional language

The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) lawmakers are agitating for promotion of Swahili language as the lingua franca of the Community as per Article 131 of the EAC Treaty. The legislators made the request during the ongoing session taking place in Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura.

The recommendation is based on the Nanyuki VII series report, which was tabled and adopted by the House.

Guided by the Nanyuki VII series report findings, the Assembly called for the establishment of a mechanism for reaching out to the people of East Africa as well as to promote and espouse the fundamental principles of the Community.

One of the identified aspects needed for the total integration of the East African communities, which are diverse in languages, but can be unified in social and economic aspects through Swahili. The language is popularly used in the region.

One of the Lawmakers, Honorable Mike Sebalu said that the Nanyuki VII series were unique and that would give all key players an opportunity to positively engage on matters of integration.

He also said that there is need to teach Kiswahili across the region as key aspects of promoting the language that is commonly used for business.

The Chair of Council, Hon Shem Bageine noted that the Council would step up its work-culture in directing the affairs of the EAC and each member of the council takes the Nanyuki VII series report serious in a bid to implement its recommendations

Swahili is mainly used in Kenya and Tanzania, and a small percentage of the language is used in other EAC member states, however,  if implemented, the move will be a major turning point in  the process of EAC integration and free movement of  human resource in the region.

Members of Parliament from the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) have called upon East African Member states through their ministries in charge of EAC affairs to put in place more stringent measures that are geared towards the promotion of the EAC regional integration.

EAC legislators want Swahili to be official regional language


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