Friday, 25 October 2013

Gov’t splits Water and Electricity agency

Water and Electricity

The process of having the Electricity and Water Body (EWASA) divided into two separate entities has kicked-off following a cabinet meeting that convened on Wednesday approved the move.

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Professor Silas Rwakabamba, the motive of dividing the agency into two bodies is aimed at bringing efficiency in the operations of the water and electricity services countrywide.

Rwakabamba said this while addressing a press conference on Thursday and said that:

“We had had an early recommendation for experts in this field, and they told us that the agency wouldn’t be effective with the two bodies under one roof.” “There is nowhere else in the world where the two bodies work together, it is only here,” he added.

The Electricity and Water Body (EWSA) has had various changes and restructuring from the previous Electrogaz, to Rweco-Rwasco and the press questioned whether these new changes would have any significant impact on the efficiency and services provided.

Rwakabamba said that the changes were long anticipated and was sure that the once cabinet approves the bill that puts in place EWSA as a government agency, there will be more and better services in the distribution of water and electricity.

Rwanda has prioritized the need to have all communities’ access clean water and electricity by the year 2020, as reflected in the 2nd Economic development strategy paper (EDPRS2) – which will enable Rwanda to reach its development goals and poverty reduction.

Rwanda requires around $3billion of investment to increase access to water from 74 percent to 100percent and access to electricity from 17percent of households to 70percent in the next five years.

“This significant increase in the scale of energy and water systems is one of the reasons for the separation of the sector into two public companies” the minister said.

The companies will be run by government and each of the new companies will have a unit dedicated to planning and delivery of new investment, as well as the management assuming total autonomy and responsibility in all operational decisions.

Many Rwandans have welcomed the government decision to separate the agency into two, but have demanded for better services and distribution of both water and electricity, as a way of boosting their social and economic welfare.

Gov’t splits Water and Electricity agency


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