Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Goethe Institute’s monthly brainstorm session resumes this week

m_Goethe Institute’s monthly brainstorm session resumes this week

Dr. James Vuningoma

Thursday evening will see yet another monthly brainstorming session of debate open at Goethe Institute in Kiyovu, Kigali.

According to the institute, Dr. James Vuningoma Executive Secretary of Rwanda Academy of Language and Culture together, Mary Surgue the Techncial Director of Literacy, Language and Learning Initiative, Education Development and Center Inc. and Yann Giraud, Attaché de Coopération Institut Français du Rwanda, will be the main speakers at this edition’s debate.

The debate will focus on the challenges that Rwanda’s culture has had to endure since the transition from French to English as the official language.

Five years ago the official languages Kinyarwanda and French were replaced by English and Kinyarwanda confronting Rwanda with huge challenges. With academic system adapted from the francophone colonial regime, a lot had to change in administration, academic and in everyday life.

In this new edition of brainstorm, a great variety of aspects of the language reform including the long-term consequences will be discussed.

Also to assist as panel speaker will be Elizabeth S. Spackman, writer and Educator as guests will look deeply into the ramifications, advantages, pros and cons of this linguistic transition. The debate shall be open for everyone from 6.30pm and entrance will be free for all.

Goethe Institute’s monthly brainstorm session resumes this week


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