Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rulindo in Domestic Violence eradication drive

m_Rulindo in Domestic Violence eradication drive

Families faced with domestic violence in the training

Rulindo district is working on strategies to completely stump out Domestic Violence by 2016 following the rise of domestic violence is in the district.

A door to door campaign educating local residents about domestic violence and its forms is currently underway in the Northern district.

With the support of Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC), Rulindo district has initiated a sensitization program which targets families that have victims of domestic violence in all villages and cells that make up the district.

Through the new program families are being trained about domestic violence, and these trained families will take the lead in educating their respective villages about domestic violence.

According to the vice Mayor for Social Affairs in Rulindo district Emilienne Niwemwiza, trained families will also report to the authorities about cases of domestic violence in their respective areas.

m_Rulindo in Domestic Violence eradication drive1

Women and men in Rulindo district match to denounce all forms of violence

Rulindo like any other district in Rwanda, experiences four forms of domestic violence, these include; Economic violence which denies economic rights to property, succession, or other economic benefits, the physical violence where physical force is used to cause harm, sexual violence where the victim is engaged in sexual behavior through threats, deception or rape.

Rulindo district authorities say that they are keen on supporting the government program of ending domestic violence as well as Gender Based Violence by 2016.

The district has about 67,492 families of which 6 families were affected by physical violence that resulted into death in the last 7 seven years.

Rulindo in Domestic Violence eradication drive


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