Thursday, 24 October 2013

About 13, 800 men to get circumcised in Nyabihu district

m_About 13, 800 men to get circumcised in Nyabihu district

Out of the 13, 804 men who have vowed to get circumcised in Nyabihu district, about 3, 000 have already been circumcised.

This number was reached with the help of cooperatives of the people living with Aids who have been sensitizing men in Nyabihu.

This comes after Nyabihu district pledged in performance contracts to have 1 out of every ten men circumcised before the end of the financial year 2013/2014.

Research reveals that circumcision reduces the lifetime risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS among males up to about 60 percent.

Pierre Dusenge, health official in Nyabihu district highlights that circumcision process is being embraced by residents due to intense sensitization.

For the sensitization purpose, 44 cooperatives of people living with HIV/AIDS were set up in Nyabihu district.

The 44 cooperatives are made of close to 2000 members who sensitise residents day to day on Aids prevention.

Apart from circumcision, other measures are being taken to prevent AIDS spread in Nyabihu district and the country in general.

Also, there are many health partners who sensitise residents to embrace HIV testing and advice affected mothers to follow the advice in order prevent birth infections


About 13, 800 men to get circumcised in Nyabihu district


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