Friday, 25 October 2013

Dr. Jiji assures fans “no rift” with producer Ray P

Jiji assures fans

Singer Jijji is also known for his controversial songs

Dr Jiji has assured his fans he has no personal issues with his producer Ray P after it was reported that he might have taken some of his songs to Producer Clement of Kina Music.

Jiji, who has taken the music scene by storm, has been the subject of discussion in the media, mostly because of his videos that sharply ape the Western culture.

Among his videos that have proven to be controversial is Antere Ibuye, which features Bruce Melodie and Ama G The Black.

The skimpily dressed women are a trademark of his videos, something that has, on many occasions, caused uproar with pundits arguing that his messages lean towards the erosion of the Rwandan culture.

But after struggling to respond to these criticisms, Jiji was further forced to issue an explanation on how he moved from Ray Music to Kina Music where it is said some of his songs are being worked on.

Smiling sheepishly, yet confidently the singer said, “Sometimes in music you need that extra touch that is different from where you have been producing your music and that is why I took some of my songs to Kina Music.

But I am very much a member of Ray Music studio. Ray P is a great professional and we enjoy a very good working relationship.”

Dr. Jiji assures fans “no rift” with producer Ray P


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