Friday, 25 October 2013

Nyagatare: Parents called to monitor their children’s performance

 m_Parents called to monitor their children’s performance

SOPEM school administration has called on parents to visit children at school to monitor their education strides.

The call was made on October 20, 2013 during the parents and teachers’ meeting at the school premises in Nyagatare district.

The meeting aimed at evaluating the last academic year’s achievements and devising means to develop the school academically.

Robert Gasana, head teacher of SOPEM Rukomo, highlights that the schools performance level in national examinations is 97percent saying they are working hard to make it to 100percent.

He asserts that will be achieved with the help of parents.

The headmaster talked about parents who do not visit their children on visiting days saying it affects their academic performance.

Martin Kalisa narrates that parents should leave children’s education entirely in the hands of the teachers. This is because getting close to them makes it easy for parents to render necessary help.

Pierre Bizimungu, Board director of SOPEM Rukomo asked fellow parents to be concerned of their children’s education since it’s their duty to teach them morals.

To improve academic performance, it’s planned that mentors and students have study tours to other schools, expanding the laboratory, restocking the library, training teachers and salary increment.

Nyagatare: Parents called to monitor their children’s performance


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