Thursday, 24 October 2013

Burundian national named in Rwanda drug cartel

Burundian national named in Rwanda drug cartel

Rwanda National Police has a clear lead on the person behind the marijuana drug circuit and operation of a 10 hectare plantation of marijuana along the Akagera River in Kirehe district, Eastern Province.

Police investigations indicate that a Burundian National Maxisme Bigirmana a.k.a ‘Teacher’ is suspected to be behind the cartel. Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect and his gang of seven Rwandans and fellow Burundians, suspected to be hiding in Tanzania

Police says that the group, led by ‘Teacher’ boarded a boat and disappeared into Tanzania and is calling upon the public to share information in the efforts to apprehend the suspects.

The manhunt comes days after the Police unearthed the stashed 10 hectare marijuana plantation 19 October, 2013. The plantation was unearthed during an operation conducted by joint forces in partnership with villagers.  The plantation has been uprooted and the plants destroyed.

Drug deals in Rwanda are common along border areas and statistics indicate that most drugs are channeled into Rwanda from neighboring countries.

The police force has also embarked on operations along the borders as it is believed that drugs like marijuana and crude liquor (kanyanga) get smuggled into the country from neighbouring countries of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Tanzania.

The Growing, supply and consumption of marijuana is punishable by Rwanda laws. Any person found guilty can face a three-year jail term and a fine of up to Rwf500, 000.

Burundian national named in Rwanda drug cartel


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