Thursday, 24 October 2013

Residents cautioned over mosquito nets misuse

m_Residents cautioned over mosquito nets misuse

Minister of Local government meeting with locals leaders in a video conferencing session recently

The Ministry of Health has cautioned the public against misusing mosquito nets which are meant to protect them from the malaria scourge.

According to the head of the Anti-malaria department in the ministry of health Dr. Monique Murindahabi Muyange, some residents are in the habit of using mosquito nets for other purposes other than sleeping under them to prevent malaria.

Muyange said made the remarks on October, 16, 2013 during local government video conferencing where he explained that mosquito nets are being used to fence gardens, roofing the houses and in rice growing in Nyamagabe and Nyagatare districts.

It was also confirmed by one resident who used a mosquito net to make a house for hens in Kirehe district.

Mosquito nets are supplied with the support of Global Fund to help residents protect themselves from malaria and they are supposed to be used for that particular purpose.

Muyange laments explained that mosquito nets are meant for fighting malaria and using them in agricultural activities is unfortunate.

The campaign to use mosquito nets in Rwanda over the years has seen the decrease of malaria induced deaths in the country.

Residents cautioned over mosquito nets misuse


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