Tuesday, 29 October 2013

US Says DRC Must Have “Negotiated Accord” With M23

US says DRC must have “negotiated accord” with M23

Despite reported military victories against M23 rebels in the past few days, the DR Congo government risks jeopardizing ongoing regional and international efforts to end the country’s conflict, says the US special envoy Russell Feingold.

Last week the US envoy was on a regional tour that took him to Kinshasa, Kampala and Kigali. On his way to Washington via Paris, Feingold was asked by RFI if that did not mean the conflict was finally over, to which he simply said. “No…”

“The military solution does not in any way respond to the problems posed by the M23 and the forty or forty-five other armed groups in the region,” said Feingold. “What we need is a peace agreement negotiated with the M23.”

“The ongoing process within the framework of Kampala must be concluded soon, as this could put an end to the fighting, but it needs to be done without granting amnesty to those who have committed serious crimes.”

The US envoy said continuing offensive will “put at risk” the Kampala process, which could eventually lead to M23 disarming completely.

“It also risks jeopardizing the peace initiatives supported by the international community and the African Union,” said Feingold.

“So yes, we have seen that the Congolese soldiers had several successes in recent days, but nevertheless we believe that at present, the [negotiated settlement] will better serve the people of Congo and the region.”


US Says DRC Must Have “Negotiated Accord” With M23


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