Friday, 29 June 2012

Rwanda To Focus On Achievements, As They Celebrates 50 Years Of Independence

m rwanda 501 300x158 Rwanda to focus on achievements, as they celebrates 50 years of IndependenceAs Rwanda celebrates 50 years of independence and 18 years of liberation, Rwandans are reminded to ponder on the achievements, over the past years.
This was revealed in Independency preparation discussions held at Telecom house, by long serving politicians who highlighted the many ways Rwanda has achieved independence through the ruling government.
Tito Rutaremara, former Ombudsman and a senior politician who has witnessed Rwanda’s progresses for over 50 yrs highlighted the reason Rwandans should celebrate their freedom.
“Rwandans should remember the ruthless old days, and therefore celebrate their political, economic and social independence,” Rutaremara told the press.
He also added that, being independent in ideals does not stop one from asking for support from other countries though the solicited support should not have strings attached.
The former Ombudsman reiterated that the 1st of July is a day for Rwandans should ponder  on where the country has come from since 50 years back.
The politicians highlighted different aspects where Rwanda has successfully become independent over the years.
“30-40yrs back, between 70-85 per cent of Rwanda’s budget funds came from foreign donations. Today, Rwanda has successfully improved from 70 per cent of foreign aid to 48 per cent.This is one of the indicators of stead fast development and independence,” observed Prof. Anaste Shyaka, Executive Secretary of Rwanda Governance Board {RGB}.
The highlighted strides to independence include different government projects like Bye-bye Nyakatsi{housing solutions}, Ubudehe{a program that identifies and gives financial support to vulnerable poor Rwandans},9 years of basic education, one cow per family, and many more.
Rwanda celebrates independence on 1st July, every year.


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